Who is 7's Catacomb?

7’s Catacomb is a collaboration of five, Chippewa Valley musicians who all have played in cover bands and decided it was time to write originals. Influenced by bands like Metallica, Godsmack, and Motorhead, their music pushes heavy riffs with a storyboard of lyrics. The name is correspondent of burying your 7 sins. The first album, “Bury Your Sins”, consists of ten songs which go through the struggles, guilty pleasures, and overcoming of the 7 sins. With the goal of playing in your face songs of the shit we all go through, along with a stage presence to represent it, be sure to check them out at their next event.  Check back here on the site, and follow them on Facebook and YouTube for all upcoming shows and merchandise.
Steve Korn - Lead Vocals
Justin Manier - Guitar
Ben Knitter - Guitar
Nate Forster - Bass Guitar
Willie Moats - Drummer